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'lifting the veil'

lifting the veil 

on the age of the universe -

gamma-ray burst


Inspired by a story in Science Daily

'loud cries'

loud cries

from the deer enclosure

her light footfall


NaHaiWriMo prompt: Elk

'new tea'

new tea…
echoes of a dream
just emerging
prompt: echo

PAD Day #12 prompt: City

PAD Day #12 prompt: City


city lights

all fireflies

in the jar

'happy hour'

happy hour
a cluster of violets
on the bench

'freezing rain'

freezing rain –

coffee beans pouring

into the grinder

tenderness before and after the fall


tenderness before and after the fall


'poacher's moon' Haiku News, 6 June 2013


poacher’s moon

a crocus knows how

to wait


Haiku News Vol. 2 No. 20: Sandip Sital Chauhan & Stella Pierides


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1oo things we didn’t know last year ;-)) http://t.co/PVx4rEcN